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Gavin Bantock

Gavin Bantock is a poet, dramatist, director of drama, novelist, essayist and educator. See more.

Martin Connolly

Martin Connolly is an Irish writer and professor at Tsurumi University, Yokohama. His works have received considerable critical praise in the press and from eminent writers. He started writing poetry in his late teens and has been teaching Creative Writing at Keio University in Tokyo for over ten years. See more.

Bonnie Cullen

Retired from teaching Art History and Art Appreciation, Bonnie Cullen spends half the year in California, and the rest in London and Ibiza. See more.

Chris Dewey

Chris Dewey is the Editor of Mike Oldfield’s fan magazine and has worked directly with Mike Oldfield. See more.

John Dewey

After many years teaching German and Russian in schools and further education, early retirement brought John Dewey the opportunity to branch out into literary translation. See more.

Laurie Green

Bishop Laurie Green, the author of influential books on urban ministry and practical theology, has now published a remarkable autobiography, explaining how an East End lad, who once worked in a jellied eel factory, came to be a Bishop. See more.

GriersonDavid Grierson

David has been a teacher all his life.  After working in a variety of schools in the UK he took the plunge towards the end of his career and relocated to China for most of the noughties. See more.

R. J. Hansford

The late R. J. Hansford is represented by Sylvia Oldroyd

Jeanette Hardiman & Jackie Spiteri

Friends and cousins Jeanette Hardiman and Jackie Spiteri grew up in neighbouring North Dorset villages in the 60s and 70s. Their experience of those years, captured in a series of podcasts for local radio, is now celebrated in book form. See more.

Sebastian Hayes

Sebastian Hayes is the pen-name of an author who spent an idyllic childhood in Africa, read English at Oxford, and lived for some years in France. See more.

Jeremy Hilton

Poet, novelist and composer, Jeremy Hilton lives in Bridport, Dorset, and is working on a book-length piece on Emin Pasha, and on his 5th String Quartet. See more.

Sylvia Oldroyd

Sylvia Oldroyd lives on the edge of the New Forest, an area which provides material for much of her poetry. She is slowly amassing poems about her family history. See more.

Susan Sayers

Susan Sayers is an Anglican priest and formerly a teacher. She is the author of a range of Christian publications for both children and adults. Her first book with Brimstone is autobiographical, describing her life as a bumpy pilgrimage. See more.

J. C. Sledge

Chris Sledge spent most of his working life as a management consultant. His books show his understanding of human failings  -  organisationally, socially and personally. See more

MelMel Thompson

After a 40-year career sustained by traditional publishing, writing books on philosophy, religion and ethics, Mel is now branching out into self-publishing. To find out why, click here.

KeithKeith Walton

Novelist, poet, and founder of Brimstone Press, with several of his books already published under this imprint, Keith is a man of many talents. To see some of his writing and career choices, click here.


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