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Narrative Poems - Out of the Ordinary

'An authentic poetic voice that rings with gravity and conviction.'   

John C Maher, Emeritus Professor, ICU; Temple University, Tokyo

'The style is brilliantly original and gripping, and indeed deserves a good audience… Martin Connolly has a quirky, original, engaging voice, and his witty verses offer hilarious send ups of common hypocrisies. How do we treat Poetry, made homeless by our indifference? What do our pieties about the ballot box really amount to?'

Joseph O'Leary, renowned theologian and Joycean, formerly of Sophia University, author of Joysis Crisis (2021) and Irreducible Ireland (2024)

Narrative Poems - Out of the Ordinary is the seventh book by Martin Connolly. His first book of poems, Labournight, was published in 2016, and to much critical acclaim.

Narrative poetry is an old art, and one which entertained the author as a child - tales of adventure on the high seas, quests, and fighting monsters, that kind of thing.

The poems in this collection echo what he read and felt all those years ago but find adventure in - or, out of - the ordinary. Now, the kitchen table might replace the mighty sea, the pen, the sword, and a quiet pint might fell the dragons of the day.

These mostly long, discursive poems reflect also on the art of poetry itself, and in the most imaginative way. Picture, for example, a Poem as a character in a story... The poems herein uncover the extraordinary in the most unlikely places. in a cup of tea, in the street, the weather forecast, a plate of fish & chips, in the pub, a wall of bricks, a page of words.

Narrative Poems - Out of the Ordinary calls attention to the evervday. It is also a heartlelt expression of compassion in an increasingly unstable and unfair world. The ordinary cries out for peace.

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