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... a co-operative approach to self-publishing

Brimstone, like writing itself, can embrace both a delicate butterfly and the whiff of sulphur.

With today's technology and marketing opportunities, many authors are coming to appreciate the speed, flexibility and control offered by self-publishing, and some have become hybrid, mixing traditionally published and self-published titles. But writing is a solitary business, and working together can offer real benefits.

Brimstone Press was established in Dorset, England, in 2005, by Keith Walton. It enabled writers to self-publish and market their books within an environment of shared expertise and experience. It made its imprint available to poets, fiction and non-fiction writers, publishing more than 60 titles.

Sadly, inspiration and economics do not always align, and the original Brimstone Press Ltd, ceased new publishing in 2019.

In 2021, the imprint was acquired by Mel Thompson, previously a traditionally published author, with a view to continuing the Brimstone tradition, and as the imprint for his own self-publishing.

Brimstone operates as a not-for-profit co-operative. It costs nothing to publish with Brimstone, except a willingness to join with others and share your enthusiasm and skills.

brimstoneLike the Press itself, its imprint logo, the Brimstone butterfly, is a native of Dorset, England.


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