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The Chosen One (2005); Via Contemplativa, Via Activa (2007); The Portrait Gallery (2008); Origins (2011); The Reluctant Nuns (2011); The Foundling and Other Stories; Arthur Symons: Leading Poet of the English Decadence.

She was there in Spirit: And Other Strange Tales      (2018)

Merely a Festival  (2016)

The Sign: And Other Stories       (2015) 

Closer to the Edge (2015)

Illuminations. Rimbaud  (2014)

A Garden Centre Calendar  (2013)

Roger Martin du Gard, Moralist    (2013)

Selected Poems: Revised and New   (2013)

The Tormented Prince   (2013)

The Bloods of Space    (2011)

The Sound of Silence   (2010)

Through the Looking Glass   (2010)

Evolution and Delusional Jealousy    (2010)

Paziols: Living in the Land of the Cathars   (2009)

Flute   (2009)

In Search of the Celts  (2009)

A Box of Chocolates: 50 Short Stories   (2009)

Opening Gambit  (2008)

A Life Spanning a Century  (2008)

Papering Over the Cracks   (2008)

Arthur Symons, Leading Poet of the English Decadence (2007)

Joy, Light, Sorrow and Splendour   (2007)

The Loving Scapegoat (2007)

Other People   (2007)

Fiesta  (2007)

Day Return   (2007)

On the Edge  (2007)


The Cosmographs  

The Brotherhood of Thieves

The Traitor


Our titles by category:



Poetry & Drama

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