mountain hut

Nietzsche craved the high alps; Heidegger his mountain hut. Where do you go for inspiration?

homeThis book asks the most fundamental of all questions: Where do I belong?

The concept of 'home' reflects one of the deepest and most universal of human experiences. It manifests in everything from religion to nationalism, and from buildings and decor to nostalgia for the place of our birth.

We all need space to be ourselves; but we need it to be the kind of space that we can personalise - space that says something about who we are.

From a contemplation of the size of the universe and the orientation of temples in the ancient Near East, to home improvements and community loyalty, this book explores the ways in which we personalise the space around us in our quest to construct a unique and authentic sense of 'home'.

It responds to Nietzsche's challenge to find meaning in a world where nothing is fixed or certain.

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In our quest for the personal and a sense of being 'at home', we are equally threatened by an impersonal universe and impersonal architecture. The cover poses that problem. Can I really belong in that universe or that city? What can I do to make it my home? The answer, I believe, lies in the process of personal 'mapping'...

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Brimstone Press


240 pages

As we go through life, we create a personal map of value and meaning, superimposed over our experience of the world.


A romantic notion of home? Not for everyone! Discovering where we belong is a challenge, for home is not a place, but a sense of who we are.


We are easily vulnerable to the impact of impersonal spaces.


Is personal space just wishful thinking in an impersonal world?