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mugI love to capture images of places I visit. At the moment, I'm in the process of up-dating these pages, adding notes and images to some of the older ones, so please bear with me if some of them - like me - look a bit strange and dated.

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Many of my images are available on Shutterstock (including Willy Lott's cottage at Flatford, shown above). To see them, click here.





For many years, I've enjoyed using Nikon equipment. At the moment, my main camera is a Z7, with a Z50 as back-up.

Although sometimes dismissed as an 'entry-level' camera, the Z50 is remarkably good, especially used with a 70-200mm zoom, for extra reach.

That said, I have to confess that many of my favourite images were taken on my older cameras - a D810 and, before that, a D700 and D300.

In some respects, my landscape images are deliberately boring. I love a natural look and resist the fashionable temptation of very wide lenses, which emphasise the foreground and minimise distant objects. Okay, if you are at Horseshoe Bend on the Colarado, there may be no option if you want to capture everything, but mostly I like images that are within the 'normal' 28-70mm range - if I saw it like that, and loved it like that, then that's how I want to capture it.

If it comes to a choice between the 'nature needs a helping hand' and 'nature needs a closer look', I'll go for the latter.

Although now replaced by the stunning 50mm Z lens, many of my all-time favourite photos were taken using the cheapest of lenses, the humble...

[Images from Nikon]

Of course, it's not the camera you use, but where you point it that counts. Photography is based on the art of looking, not pressing the button. But it also depends on what you have to hand. So I have to confess that I'm increasingly capturing images with my iPhone - it's just so very convenient!

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