coverWorld Philosophy

World Philosophy presents the whole range of issues with which the great philosophers of both East and West have been concerned: the nature of reality and our understanding of it, the principles that lie behind what we can know and say about art, science, religion and ethics. It probes the purpose of education, the meaning of history and the place of law and politics. It examines language, logic and the nature of mind.

It goes beyond other books on philosophy, in seeking to use a wide range of images to show both the historical and cultural context of the ideas being explored, but also to give visual expression to the arguments and insights themselves, allowing the interplay of word and image to deepen the reader’s appreciation of these key ideas.

Flexible in use and compelling in appearance, it invites the reader to take a journey, through words and images, among the ideas that have shaped our world.




350 pages


Vega Books

ISBN-13: 978-184333-771-3

Through the work of 16 contributors, this large format book of 352 pages gives an introduction to Philosophy, both Eastern and Western.

It is illustrated throughout, with images that help to express the arguments and insights presented in the text.


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