Why Philosophy Magazines?

There are plenty of serious academic journals around, but for a readable introduction to the major issues in philosophy today, I would recommend trying one of the magazines introduced below.

Academic philosophy can sometimes seem narrowly focused, precise, logical and determined to analyse the obvious to a point at which, to the uninitiated, it become confused and confusing. Like any academic subject, you have to understand its terminology, and often, to appreciate a present-day argument, you also need to excavate layer upon layer of historical debate. In short, philosophy can become hard work – and, to be fair, the same would apply to physics or maths or any academic subject.

But that’s not the whole story. At its best, philosophy is – as the name suggests – a ‘love of wisdom’, and wisdom is rather more than logical argument or analysis.  It blends precise thinking with intuition and perception. It is about asking big questions and not being afraid of the answers that emerge.  It is about appreciating the world, and facing up to the many practical and moral questions that come our way.

So philosophy should be an open and accessible invitation to thing carefully and clearly about the great issues of life.  That's where philosophy magazines come in.  At best, they summarise some of the great debates and present them in a way that is both interesting and relevant to the non-specialist.

As well as being a subject to be studied, philosophy is also a skill for dealing with the profound existential questions we face.

So dip into a philosophical magazine and see what interests you.  Learning to clarify your ideas and views is one of the great challenges in life, and one of the most rewarding.

Philosophy NowPhilosophy Now...

covers a wide range of topics in a lively way. It also has an extensive archive which you can search online. Click on the cover to go to their website.

Always readable, Philosophy Now is a wonderful introduction to all that is relevant and accessible in philosophy. Its website gives information about events, links to other philosophy sites and includes many items available for free download.

The Philosophers MagazineThe Philosophers Magazine...

offers a wide range of interesting and jargon-free articles. Click on the cover to take a look at their website for more information. 

Each issue includes a forum where a number of different thinkers address a single question, a news section, interviews and book reviews.



is the journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy. It aims to bridge the gap between academic philosophy and the general public, and discusses a whole range of issue in a way that is free from jargon.

Think is edited by Stephen Law. For more information go via the Royal Institute of Philosophy website at..., or click the cover.


Shaping your life and your priorities?

mountain hut

Nietzsche craved the high alps; Heidegger his mountain hut. Where do you go for inspiration?

homeA place? A person? A career? An aspiration? Something to work towards or escape from? What is 'home' for you?

My latest book asks the most fundamental of all questions: Where do I belong?

Starting with Nietzsche's challenge to find meaning in a directionless universe, it explores the way we map out our personal worlds to create a sense of home.

From the orientation of temples in the ancient Near East, to the danger of being treated as no more than a customer or voter in an atomised world, it examines the importance of personal space and what we do with it.mClick the cover for more information.

Available from Bookshops or Amazon, from only £1.99 / $2.99

PhilosophieDo you read French? If so, you're in for a real treat!

One of the most intersting popular magazines around is Philosophie. It's available in most good newsagents in France, but it is also available online, and its website gives a good taster of all that it available. To go to that site, just click on the cover.

Plenty of Gallic subtlety here - even on the question, explored in this old issue, of whether women are more moral than men. Nothing is presented in black and white, more fifty shades of g.... No, I'll re-phrase that! It's a great magazine for the broad issues of philosophy and culture, even if - like me - you have to sit with a French dictionary to hand.

Click the cover to take a look.

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